Our seed founder program ensures your company doesn't die because people don't know what it does.

With Founder Fundraising, we raised $2.5 million in three months.

Before I met Robbie, I was going to raise $1 million. He suggested that raising more would be easier.

He was right.

Seed Founder

The most helpful thing for me was sending Robbie my calls and having him look at them and tell me in detail what was good, what was bad, and what could be improved near the end of the fundraise.

Seed Founder

This program is such a solid base on how to fundraise, how fundraising works, and how VCs think.

Seed Founder

Seed funding now only goes to founders who tell the best story

This isn't 2013 - the bar for seed funding has never been higher.

Big cheques aren't given out easily. Having been burned during the free-wheeling years before, investors are only willing to offer seed funding to founders who can truly articulate why their company will change the world - and 100X their investment.

We teach you that secret sauce - the ability to transfix investors with your world-changing vision.

Raise a successful seed round

Make noise in investor circles

Learn the critical skills to fundraise

Position yourself for future rounds

Craft that powerful
pre-numbers investor pitch
with our help.

Turn your self-doubt into a powerful asset

The agonizing founder's journey -- the struggle with self-doubt, mistakes and frustration. We harness this story into a powerful personal narrative that wins hearts - and cheques.

You'll sail through meeting after meeting with poise, purpose and panache. Investors will tell each other about this new founder who's blowing them away without massive traction - you.

Investors have been floored by

the approach I'm able to lead with.

Rachel Weismann
Founder, Potential AI

Be ready for seed investor questions

Most founders and team members do not have a clue how to answer investor questions.

You'll gain access to a digital library of the most important investor questions, clear explanations on how to meet each goal in your startup journey, and discover numerous tools on how to build an excellent pitch deck.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Make complex topics easy to understand

No matter how interesting your idea is, as a concept or technology that has never been done before - like in many cases, ideas for startups come from technologies that don't exist yet (like flying cars or AI assistants) - people still need to understand it. How do you make something that doesn't exist yet understandable to investors?

We show you how to explain the promise of your startup, its technology and potential value while pitching, talking to customers and building your website.

Become the type of founder that gets funded

We know what investors want and don’t want.

Our partners, 776, Antler, Mantis, The Family Offices Global, and more tell us exactly what they look for in founders and we teach you how to do it for your fundraise.

We teach you what they’re dying to know, and ignore the rest.
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Why trust our program?
Founders have raised over $600MM with it.


Intimate group fundraising coaching for series founders

Powerful results with community inclusion
Direct access to Robbie Crabtree
Support during your round
Investor meeting reviews
3+ months
Live or remote
Custom pricing
Flexible schedule
Upcoming cohorts
November 2023
⚠ Final spots
December 2023
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January 2024
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Seed founder FAQs

Seed founder FAQs

Have questions not listed here? We'd be happy to answer them directly.
Do we make investor intros for you?
No, we do NOT make introductions. We are NOT an investor headhunter or broker. What we will do is help you craft such a compelling narrative that investors take your meetings and show you how to develop your own network.
How long before our round should we work together?
We recommend a minimum of 4-6 weeks before your round. Closer is possible, but on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch to confirm.
How big are the groups?
We keep an intimate space of five founders or less per cohort.

Seed funding is in reach. It's time to get it.

Get funded with the world's most powerful seed fundraising coaching program.

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