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Many aspiring entrepreneurs and investors ask me what makes the difference between a failed startup and a successful venture capital funded rocket ship.

There are common mistakes made by startups during fundraising that make venture capitalists uneasy. Many incubators and accelerators will tell you that it is important to have a sound business idea and how to do a sales pitch. Unfortunately, most founders don't get exposed to these skills until it's too late in the game and they've burnt all their money.

I want to share these fundraising mistakes with you so you can preempt investor doubts and close your next round faster.

And larger.

Who we work with
Most of our alumni companies are tech, but we work with select non-tech industries too.

If you don't see your industry here, apply and we will see if there's a good fit.
Vertical consumer social
Product-led growth firms
B2B / B2B2C
B2B SaaS
Web3 and DAO

Tech's new fundraising paradigm

Robbie's career as a trial lawyer in 102 jury trials and leading the national mock trial team at SMU Law School made him realize that storytelling is a superpower that opens the world's doors.

And after talking with hundreds of founders, it became apparent that being able to sell their story was the difference between ones who succeeded, and those who didn't.

The old style of pitching with presentation slides and generic pitch decks is dead. The future of fundraising is Robbie's conversational storytelling, where founders show investors how they're building the future and solving real problems through passionate, thoughtful narratives.

Clearly investors agree. Not only have his clients raised over $210 million in only fifteen months, tier 1 venture capital firms hire him to train companies in their portfolio.

But here his goal is to help you, the startup founder, get the funding you need to bring your vision to life.

Helped founders raise over $210 million and counting
Former trial lawyer with experience in 102 jury trials
Publishing first book in 2022, "Chief Storytelling Officer"
Robbie speaking at the ASU + GSV Summit 2022

From tech's premier storytelling coach

Founder Fundraising Program is the brand new offering from Robbie Crabtree's Performative Speaking coaching platform.

Robbie works one-on-one with startup founders and C-suite members to unlock their storytelling, their strategy communication and public speaking skills.

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