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Latest projects

Check below what we can do with Lumx Protocol.

Media outlets

What they say about us
foto beats funk
accelerating the brazilian funk


We partnered with Beats, one of the main hard seltzer brands owned by AbInbev, the world's largest brewer by volume and revenue, to create the Funk Fund, a project with the aim to accelerate the Brazilian funk ecosystem. All revenue will be invested in new artists, events, initiatives in favelas, and more.
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Media outlets

What they say about us
forbes logo

”Beats enters the NFT universe and encourages funk culture”

“In partnership with the NGO Voz das Comunidades, Beats creates a Crypto Fund aimed at the social and cultural impact of funk in Brazil.”
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creator week nft
onboarding hundreds of creators

Meta Creator Week Brazil 2022

We partnered with Meta to develop Digital Collectibles (NFTs) for Creator Week Brazil. Collectibles were redeemed by participants who attended both the physical and online event. After redeeming them, participants could share them on Instagram by connecting their crypto wallets on the platform.
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Media outlets

What they say about us
moneytimes logo

”Lumx Studios creates NFTs for Creator Week Brazil, an event by Meta”

“More than 400 content creators of all sizes were invited to discuss the successes and challenges of the field and what opportunities the creative content market will have in the future.”
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penta hotels nft
a phygital nft drop

Penta Hotels

Penta Hotels launched its first NFT collection at a physical event in Bremen, Germany. The collected NFTs will guarantee different levels of utility in the company's loyalty program. The rewards associated with NFTs are tokenized and users can redeem or trade them in the future.
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Media outlets

What they say about us
moneytimes logo

”Brazilian startup Lumx Studios creates NFT collection for European hotel chain”

“The hotel chain enters Web3 through a collection of NFTs with a strategy to increase the level of engagement and seek to promote new exciting experiences for its guests.”
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the biggest latam fashion nft drop


Reserva, one of the hottest brands in Brazil, launched its first NFT Collection, The Pistol Birds. Made to serve its community, grant special benefits to the holders, and co-create Reserva's path into the metaverse. The collection is split into 3 categories: Admission, Creator, and Royal Series.
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Media outlets

What they say about us
cnn logo

”Reserva launches fashion brand for the metaverse and sells out NFTs collection”

“According to the company, in the first 50 minutes of the pre-sale, it reached the revenue equivalent of a month of sales in a physical store.”
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55unity gif
A Web3-native entertainment franchise


A universe that changes according to community actions. Interactive comic books, staking, store and much more. An NFT collection with the aim to create an entertainment franchise born in Web3.
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Media outlets

What they say about us
forbes logo

”Brazilian startup launches collection of NFTs that is worth more than BRL 2 million”

“Lumx Studios, a Brazilian startup specialized in NFTs, earned BRL 2 million in 24 hours after the launch of 55Unity, a collection in RPG game format that brings together 3000 tokens”
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cryptoangels gif
A 10 seconds sold out


Project co-created by Marc Sparks and DOMA Collective, artists with permanent exhibitions at The Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA NY), exclusively launched on NFT platform. A successful launch with a sold-out within the first 10 seconds of the drop.
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Media outlets

What they say about us
cointelegraph logo

”Collection of NFTs CryptoAngels gets sold out in less than 10 seconds”

“Crypto Angels Collection rocked the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market, selling all the arts in less than 10 seconds”
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We build with Lumx Protocol

Our modular platform framework is designed to build and deliver a project faster than ever.
icon wallet

Wallet API

A custodial crypto wallet solution that enables a more seamless and user-friendly experience.
icon contract

Contract API

Create, check, integrate, edit, and deploy Smart Contracts.
icon marketplace

Analytics API

Real-time market data, creation of interactive project dashboards, and customer information.
icon payments

Payments API

Sell NFTs accepting fiat money payment methods such as PIX and Credit Cards.