Early-stage founders

Learn the arena before you enter it.

For pre-funding, angel and seed founders

Unsure what investors want to hear
Unaware of market dynamics
Can't get a second investor meeting
Constantly get conflicting advice
Feel too early to fundraise
Uncomfortable with following up

The ultimate guide for early-stage founders

Learn the secrets, mistakes founders made when they were raising money and how they turned those missteps into opportunities - so you don't make the same ones when you accelerate your fundraising journey.

Make your world-changing idea a reality

Own the 3 P's

Purpose. Passion. Persistence. You'll have all three.

Find co-founders

Sell your vision to driven founders will build with you.

Pitch investors

Enthral investors with a captivating story of how your idea will change humanity.

Close funding

Understand the art of the follow up to ensure that cheque truly gets signed.

It was nothing short of powerful.

Katina Mountanos
Co-founder, Daydreamers

What you'll learn

The five pillars of fundraising readiness.
Choose from 20+ trusted vaults on the most popular chains.

Remote, video learning

If you're not yet a full-time founder, you likely have other responsibilities that take up your time. Fundraising app's remote style lets you prepare before you take the full plunge.

Live practice with AI

Develop your stories, trial different hooks and techniques, and review your progress with automatic transcribing of your videos.


Powerful intelligence built for self-funded budgets

No minimums, lockups, limits, or pressure. Repay borrows anytime.

9 months access

Everything in one affordable package.
All instruction videos
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Instant AI feedback
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Five pillars of fundraising readiness
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Community access
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Early access subscriber bonus

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Everything in basic, plus
Live group Q&A with Robbie
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Practice without pressure


Practice when you can fit it into your busy schedule.


Powerful tips that are valuable anywhere in the world.


Pick up and put down modules in whichever order you want.


Gain access to a worldwide network of visionaries like you.

Questions? Answers.

What kind of founders will benefit from Founder Fundraising App?

This is designed primarily for pre-funding founders who haven't yet launched a product or have a product in-market but haven't raised outside funding beyond angel/seed rounds.

With that being said, the powerful fundraising, storytelling and personal development lessons on the app can be valuable to founders in any stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

What is included in the Founder Fundraising App membership?

Membership includes 9 months of access to a deep catalog of video lessons that help you prepare for your first, or next fundraising round.

It also includes access to our AI-powered live feedback tool that transcribes your practice pitch and makes suggestions on your technique. This lets you see your progress over time and test new ideas without having to wait for an instructor or class.

And for a limited time for early subscribers, you gain access to a live group Q&A session with our founder, Robbie Crabtree. This is a rare opportunity typically limited to series funded founders and companies, but included in your membership if you sign up soon.

Where can I join from?

You can log in to Founder Fundraising App from any device, anywhere in the world. All it takes is a browser and internet connection.

Which classes are right for me?

Your membership includes access to dozens of videos on a wide array of topics related to raising outside funding and talking with investors. Whether you're funded or brand new to the game, there is guaranteed to be an important topic and lesson that will help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Pricing & Payment
How much does Founder Fundraising App cost?

Access to the App is $1,200 USD for 9 months of access. For a limited time this also includes a live group Q&A session with Robbie Crabtree at no extra cost.

How do I cancel?

If you are unsatisfied with your experience in any way, please reach out to us and we'll work with you on a solution to make sure you're happy with your purchase. And if not, we'll refund your money.

Why does it cost $1,200?

Simply put, because for the right founder this will be one of, if not THE most transformational instruction they will ever take on their entrepreneurial journey.

FFP unlocks powers within yourself that allow you to hire at will, raise venture funding to bring your vision to life, and captivate anybody who meet with your world-changing idea.

Pretty good value for only $1,200, wouldn't you say?