Every visionary founder has a story. This is where your find yours.

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You bring your 'why.'
We'll show you how to sell it.

Whether your incredible vision gets off the ground or dies quietly is dependent on your ability to sell it.

We help founders get the funding, mentorship and community they need to launch their own world-shifting companies based on their original story.


Learn the secret sauce to getting investor meetings - even without a network.


Make a name for yourself and idea so people know who you are when you enter a room.


Enthral investors with a captivating story of how your idea will change humanity.


Understand the art of the follow up to ensure that cheque truly gets signed.

Transform your confidence and fundraising abilities

It's a tough time for startup founders. The competition for VC deals is cutthroat. Most founders lose the game for funding.

With FFP, you'll live in a world where you are so confident before every VC that you know you can nail it. The cold email, selling the vision and asking for the proper valuation - you'll be prepared for all of it.