Unique as your fingerprint

Perfect your one-of-a-kind origin story

Everybody has one - but only you have yours. And it's powerful beyond imagine. Harness the passion and intensity behind your background to win investors, hires and customers.


We build with Lumx Protocol

Our modular platform framework is designed to build and deliver a project faster than ever.
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Wallet API

A custodial crypto wallet solution that enables a more seamless and user-friendly experience.
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Contract API

Create, check, integrate, edit, and deploy Smart Contracts.
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Analytics API

Real-time market data, creation of interactive project dashboards, and customer information.
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Payments API

Sell NFTs accepting fiat money payment methods such as PIX and Credit Cards.






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$1,000 / month

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Joseph Lubin
Defi Alliance
Kain Warwick
Strategic consulting
Recurring sessions with Robbie and the FFP team, for yourself or your team.
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Actively fundraising?
Get personalized help

No minimums, lockups, or limits. Repay anytime.
No minimums, lockups, limits, or pressure. Repay borrows anytime.

You too can inspire like Obama, JFK and Jobs

Whether your incredible vision gets off the ground or dies quietly is dependent on your ability to sell it.

We help founders get the funding, mentorship and community they need to launch their own world-shifting companies based on their original story.

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Communication & business is all about connection. Robbie will teach you how to master this. It exceeded my expectations by tenfold.


The ultimate guide for early stage founders

A selection of our client raises:

Join clients raising $330MM in a wide variety of verticals

With FFP, you'll live in a world where you are so confident before every VC that you know you can nail it. The cold email, selling the vision and asking for the proper valuation - you'll be prepared for all of it.

What you can do with FFP's proven playbook

Hire at will

Inspire industry-best talent to turn your dream into reality.

Start movements

Make a name for yourself so people know who you are when you enter a room.

Impress investors

Enthral investors with a captivating story of how your idea will change humanity.

Close funding

Understand the art of the follow up to ensure that cheque truly gets signed.

See our alumni using FFP techniques

We design systems and systemise designs. Imbuing our work with care and craft as stewards of the Vercel Brand and Geist Design System.

Live video sessions

Get personalized advice and feedback on whichever area of your company's story needs work.

Available for live events

Robbie is available for teaching remotely or at live corporate events, depending on availability.

Visionary founders are world-class storytellers.
We'll turn you into one.

The IPO journey is tough.
Make sure your vision becomes reality.

Everybody has a story- but only you have yours. And it's powerful beyond imagine. Harness the passion and intensity behind your background to start movements that lead to investments, customers and extraordinary success.

Founders we work with

Series A

Series B

Series C

VC firms

Helping their portfolio companies or raising their next fund

Who we work with

Most of our alumni are tech, but we work with select non-tech industries too. Don't see yours here? Reach out anyways!
Consumer social
Product-led growth
B2B SaaS
Venture firms

"This program is such a solid base on how to fundraise, how fundraising works, and how VCs think.

Anything you try to do on top of that is going to be much better positioned for success because you know at the base level how these things work."

Series A founder

So you're fundraising for the first time.
But it's a dumpster fire.

Where do I even get started?

Which angels do I reach out to?

What do I say when emailing an investor?

Does the investor understand my vision?

How do I get second meetings?

Is there any hope of closing a round?

There is now.

Combatting advice overload

After working with founders who’ve raised a combined $545MM I understand the struggles you’re facing.

The venture capital and startup game is a mess of metrics, power plays from investors, poor pitch deck advice, and more things behind the scenes that founders never get to know until it’s too late. 

In short, it’s insane.

Investors fund stories

I worked on my first fundraise in Q2 2021. The founder came to me after I had worked with them at On Deck and they asked me if I offered fundraising as a service. I didn’t at the time but figured I could at least help them with their storytelling and delivery. 

Over the next 60 days, the founder went on to raise a seed round of $2m. A game changer for their startup. 

After the cash was wired to her bank, she sent me a text: “This wouldn’t have happened without you.”

I was onto something here.