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Emotional Storytelling

Tell stories that make their eyes wide and imagination wider. Otherwise known as:

Do your job, CEO.

How to run
a winning process

Cheetah’s know how to run a clear, concise, and precise process. What’s better than catching gazelles? Cashing checks.

Speech outline to perfect every talk

Hearing the applause from an inspired audience is what leadership sounds like. Master the basics.

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What our clients say about us

Having my stories solidified helped me land investments that I didn't think would come.

Clinton Buie
Chief Investment Officer, AmateMint Group

Investors have been floored by the approach I'm able to lead with.

Rachel Weismann
Founder, Potential AI

I have a framework for my stories now that I use every single day.

Fran Brzyski
CEO & Co-Founder, Hark Technologies