Founder Fundraising Foundations

The product our clients wish they had for their first fundraise.


So you're trying to fundraise for the first time.
But you're feeling anxious.

  • Where do I even get started?

  • Which angels do I reach out to?

  • Which founders can make intros for me?

  • What do I say in my email when I reach out to an investor?

  • Why am I being ghosted?

  • Does the investor understand my vision?

  • Am I saying too much or too little?

  • How do I respond to an investor if they ask me a tough question?

  • How do I get second meetings?

  • Why does every investor say we're too early?

  • How can I get that first check in?

Is there any hope that I can actually close this round?

There is now.

After working with founders who’ve raised a combined $545MM I understand the struggles you’re facing.

The venture capital and startup game is a mess of metrics, power plays from investors, poor pitch deck advice, and more things behind the scenes that founders never get to know until it’s too late. 

In short, it’s insane.

I worked on my first fundraise in Q2 2021. The founder came to me after I had worked with them at On Deck and they asked me if I offered fundraising as a service. I didn’t at the time but figured I could at least help them with their storytelling and delivery. 

Over the next 60 days, the founder went on to raise a seed round of $2MM. A game changer for their startup. 

After the cash was wired to her bank, she sent me a text:

“This wouldn’t have happened without you.”

I was onto something here.

Over the next two years, I worked with thousands of founders to teach them how to raise capital.

I also worked hand in hand with 73 founders who have now raised $545,000,000. 

While helping founders raise, I was also sharing what I saw working with my clients on LinkedIn and YouTube. As those channels started to grow, so did the demand for my services.

I had to raise my prices.

Currently, my rate is in the mid-5 figures a month for my time. This is a ridiculous number for most first-time founders, simply because they haven’t raised any capital yet.

After speaking with current and former clients, receiving their feedback on what was valuable and what they wished they’d had when they raised their first round of capital, I made Founder Fundraising Foundations.

What you'll learn

Designed for the pre-seed and seed founder.
Designed for the pre-seed and seed founder.

Startup pitch

Tell a story that investors want to invest in.

Conversational storytelling

Powerful skills to build deep connections.

Warm intro action plan

How to maximize every investor meeting.

Pre-raise playbook

The clarity and confidence to run a professional fundraise.

Alongside all of this, you’ll have the opportunity to send us your pitch for feedback and revisions from the Founder Fundraising team. 

Every founder who participates will have this opportunity.

We want to make sure every founder who goes through Founder Fundraising Foundations does what they're supposed to.

Because when you finish, we want you sending us that email with the link to your TechCrunch announcement.

What if you started today?