The unfair competitive advantage for Antler's US-backed founders.

Learn from Antler venture partner Robbie Crabtree

Performative Speaking founder, fundraising coach, and former trial lawyer Robbie Crabtree joined Antler as a Venture Partner in September 2022.

Robbie comes on board to help as Antler builds out its Fund Through Rate initiative that equips Antler founders with a proper foundation, materials, and narrative as they set out to raise their next rounds of capital.

What you receive as an Antler founder


Get a personalized assessment of your brand's origin story, fundraising history, strengths and weaknesses.


Guidance and support on fundraising decks, investor updates and subject matter related to your vision.


Learn how to properly communicate your company's world-changing idea.


Test your skills and evolve your story as you grow with personalized feedback from Robbie.

Robbie's thesis

If properly prepared, fundraising should be a full-on sprint that results in several term sheets all at once. Without practice and prep, fundraising takes too long and distracts founders from their core business.

This approach, largely influenced by the 7 years Robbie spent in Dallas courtrooms as a trial lawyer prosecuting robberies, murders, and child abuse cases, has delivered results.

Over the past 3 years, Performative Speaking has shaped thousands of founders into world-class storytellers and helped them raise a combined $330 million dollars in venture capital from legendary firms to fuel their startups. 

Robbie's background

Robbie's career as a trial lawyer in 102 jury trials and leading the national mock trial team at SMU Law School made him realize that storytelling is a superpower that opens the world's doors.

The old style of pitching with presentation slides and generic pitch decks is dead. The future of fundraising is Robbie's conversational storytelling, where founders show investors how they're building the future and solving real problems through passionate, thoughtful and captivating narratives.

His goal now? Help you get the funding to bring your vision to life.

Robbie Crabree, FFP founder
Robbie speaking at Founder Fundadores

Why he's excited to join Antler

"By identifying world-class talent early, Antler gives founders every tool they need to succeed in the challenging startup world. The earlier we can work with founders to help them develop their storytelling and fundraising skills, the stronger their chances to build a world-changing startup.

He want to help founders communicate their ideas, share their story, and create massive impact. That’s exactly why joining Antler was a no brainer.

The entire team focuses every day on serving founders and going after the biggest, most impressive ideas. I can’t wait to work with the leadership, team, and the amazing portfolio founders to achieve the ambitious goals ahead of us."